Accommodating intraocular lenses

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of making ophthalmologic lenses.

In compliance with this invention, proposed method allows designing intraocular lens proceeding from changes in, at least, one eye parametre in patient eyes population and comprises the stages whereat, at least, one model of eye is constructed.

According to one aspect of the invention provides a method of forming an intraocular lens with reference to changes in at least one eye of the parameter in the population eye patients.

However, this model is the average eye cannot be used to account for changes in the characteristics of the lenses in the entire patient population, eyes which can have different eye options.

There is therefore a need in the best methods of forming ophthalmic lenses, in particular intraocular lenses.

Can then be selected design of the intraocular lens that provides the best matching of visual efficiency (e.g., visual acuity or contrast sensitivity) within at least part of the range exhibited by the population.

For example, in this way, the number of structures intraocular lenses can be chosen so that each individual design has provided the best visual effectiveness for population eye patients.

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Ocular parameter can contain, for example, any one of the radius of the cornea, the sphericity of the cornea, anterior chamber depth and axial length of the eye.

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