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The narrator congratulates Elaine on her abilities as a master of undressing and gets nervous at certain points, dumbfounded at her sex appeal.The movie was created by husband-and-wife team Hildegarde and Dwaine Esper.Here are just a few examples of early sex education videos. v=Ovqv Hu-9k LE Made in 1937, this comedy film plays out as if it is a public service announcement.In the beginning of the film, the title card suggests that women need to learn how to undress in a sensual way to keep the interest of their husbands and fend off boredom during marriage.While much of the advice seen in this video is still relevant today, Advocates for Youth now has a guideline for parents and educators to talk with mentally disabled children about sex.Shannon Quinn is a writer and entrepreneur from the Philadelphia area.They had a little help in the romantic arts, via educational “mental hygiene films” that parents and teachers hoped would help them find their way in an increasingly complex world.Following World War II, America was in social upheaval.

magazine and became one of the more prolific players in the genre.

When that scene is taken out of context from the rest of the film, it is silly.

The goal of was to help parents and caretakers to train mentally disabled people to stop themselves from masturbating in public, getting pregnant unexpectedly, or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Men were returning home from the battlefield, women were returning (willing or not) home from the workforce, and everyone was trying to figure out what life after war would look like.

Around the globe unrest continued as countries began picking philosophical sides in the brewing Cold War.

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