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14 c dating fiasco shroud turin

In it they quoted the owner of a textile repair business, Mr.Michael Ehrlich, stating that “French Weaving [a textile repair practiced in Late Medieval and Renaissance periods] involves a tedious thread-by-thread restoration that is undetectable” and therefore invisible from both sides (Benford and Marino, 2005:2).The paper then went on to discuss the Shroud’s historical circumstances in the early 16th century that may have led to repairs at the cloth’s corner that was later to be radiocarbon dated.William Meacham is a professional archaeologist who has followed Shroud research since 1981 and was involved in some of the planning for the 1988 radiocarbon tests.His own historical research on Shroud repairs turned up two 19th century books documenting the work of the Venerable Sebastiano Valfre (1650 – 1718), known to have made repairs on the cloth.

Nevertheless, he finds Rogers’ chemical work supporting the Benford-Marino theory to be very strong (Meacham, 208).

In his new book, , he concludes: “...reweaving is the scenario best supported by the data” to explain the 1988 test results (Meacham, 207).

He and Rogers used it as part of a request made to Shroud custodian Cardinal Poletto for a new C-14 test. Meacham agrees (in this instance) with Flury-Lemberg that any patched area ought to have been identified by trained textile specialists.

John Long has been a Maryland Parole and Probation Agent for 35 years.

He has a 30 year interest in the Shroud and is past president of the Holy Shroud Task Force, a professional group devoted to research and education on the Shroud of Turin.

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